Jamaica slavery timeline


  • (1884) New constitution marked beginning of local autonomy. (1940) Britain leased air bases to US in World War II; Colonial Development and Welfare Act passed. All maps, graphics, flags, photos and original descriptions 2019 worldatlas.com. (1865) Paul Bogle led hundreds of men, women on march; started Morant Bay rebellion. (1993) PNP returned to office with increased majority. Which Country Is Known As The Land Of The Midnight Sun?. (1657) Admiral Robert Blake defeated Spanish West Indian Fleet in battle over seizure of Jamaica. (1961) Jamaica withdrew from Federation of the West Indies. (2001) Troops moved in to restore order in capital - Kingston. (1999) Fuel prices increased by 30%, caused violent protests. (1670) Jamaica formally ceded to British in accordance with Treaty of Madrid. (2002) Prime Minister P J Patterson won fourth successive term in office. (1958) Jamaica became member of British-sponsored Federation of the West Indies. (1938) West Indies Sugar Company estate workers struck. (1509) First Spanish colonists occupied Jamaica; indigenous Arawak community died from exposure to European diseases; African slaves brought to work on sugar plantations. (2010) Alleged drug lord, Christopher "Dudus" Coke, arrested, extradited to US. (1992) Manley retired; succeeded by Percival J. Patterson. This page was last updated on April 7, 2017. Which Team Has Won the Most Super Bowls?. (2006) Portia Simpson Miller succeeded P J Patterson, became Jamaica's first female prime minister. (1870) Banana plantations established as sugar cane industry declined. (1989) PNP ousted JLP in elections, returned Michael Manley as prime minister. (2004) Hurricane Ivan devastated island, destroyed thousands of homes.

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